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Shipping Service automates tasks, compares discounted courier rates, supports batch shipments, improves customer service with secure tracking and eliminates copy/paste by automatically completing labels and customs forms. Set up a Shipping Service account today.

Shipping Service automates tasks, compares discounted courier rates, supports batch shipments

Usually we take part at the selling process by offering our complete escrow and shipping services. We are not just a regular escrow service, we have the infrastructure to conduct authorized pre-buy inspection on electrical equipment and all types merchandises. You are a seller/buyer and you want to sell/buy a merchandise. After analyzing your case we will present our offer. Usually the transaction takes place like in the case above. The seller and the buyer have already agreed and discussed regarding the transaction and they want to use our escrow and shipping services. The funds are transferred to the escrow account and the seller will be paid at the end of the transaction. After you agree to terms the transaction is started and the merchandise is picked up from the seller. We conduct a full pre-buy inspection of the merchandise at one of our partner services. Both buyer and seller are informed about the inspection result. If the merchandise is accepted by the buyer, then the buyer must send funds to our company for depositing into the escrow account. Once funds are cleared we start the shipping process. We have our own shipping company so the delays are as minimum as possible. You will be able to track your shipping online using the tracking number provided to see the current status of the shipment.

The buyer receives the merchandise and he gives his final accept on the transaction. The buyer takes the merchandise and all necessary papers are completed. Our company takes full responsibility for the inspection results so if the merchandise is not as it was described then you can refuse the transaction and get a refund of your money. Seller will receive the amount transferred by the buyer from which we will deduct the tax for the services used during the transaction. The funds from the escrow account are transferred to the seller.